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Co-Creation exists in many forms throughout the world, from co-design practices at small firms to multistakeholder dialogues at the United Nations. Although the names differ, the experience of deep synchronicity and creativity are the same.

We invite contributors to share their experiences and wisdom. We are changing the way things work, big and small, to be more inclusive, creative, and effective. And we believe that by representing each other in an open source, trademark free community, we all benefit. Show us how you enact co-creation by sending in a brief biography (and photo) that highlights your organization and your work. We would love to feature your story in our blog!

We will feature new stories monthly and maintain a rolling archive so that our community can see, past and present, how co-creation is experienced and used.

Submission Guidelines:

  • We are looking for evocative stories that illustrate or teach others about the co-creative experience. Tell us, in a few paragraphs or pages, your story or lesson. Our audience ranges from scholars and practicing professionals to the general public. Please write in a voice meant to reach a broad audience.
  • Please email a brief description of your contribution to one of the Co-Directors if your content fits within that area of focus (Business, Design, Education). If it does not fit in any of these categories, email the site administrator Bryan Rill  (
  • Feel free to submit any digital medium, from text articles to video and multimedia presentations. For multimedia or video, please compress your content to web size (.mp4 @ 720p or smaller video). Powerpoint or other multimedia should be tested for web play before submission. All fonts and content need to be enclosed in one file (Self contained).
  • We LOVE pictures and illustrations, so please send in a few to go along with your story. We can put these in a gallery or in line with text, depending on your preferences and the amount of content.
  • Please include a photo and one paragraph biography of yourself for us to feature along with your post.

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