Brains on the Beach Create

“I was blown away by some of the creativity that exploded out of nowhere. I thought I was quite creative, until I saw some of this stuff, which just blew me away” – Brain

Brains on the Beach started with James Bishop’s desire to connect top shelf Organization Development Professionals (the “Brains”) to collaborate in a relaxed and energized environment (the “Beach”). BoB brings together the best coaches, trainers, facilitators, business experts to develop workplace solutions for corporate and NGO clients. BoB shares the vision with CCI to create alternative futures for businesses and trainers through stimulating dialogue and meetings. Together we host BoB Create at PolyU, events wherein groups of change catalysts come together and openly share their skills, co-creating solutions to organizational challenges.BoB Create Theme

In November 2015 CCI and BoB Co-hosted an organizational change design jam.

The aim of the jam was to enhance skills to rapidly prototype and iterate upon process design for organizational change.  This was a continuation of an initiative started several months ago, marrying the theory of co-creation frameworks with the practical realities of modern business. The Design Jam was not about designing solutions, but rather, designing processes that lead to solutions.

The ‘jam’ itself was a co-creative process. To give back to the participants, CCI produced a manual of all the findings compiled and shared freely with the participants to help them in their professional development.









In our closing circle, participants said:

“I found the entire process really authentic.”

“It’s amazing how when you start you have this vision, and then by collaboration it turns into something so much greater, so much better than your original vision for it. And it would never happen unless you were co-creating it.”

“For me this was very challenging, uncomfortable, yet inspiring and rewarding. I think it is the struggle that makes it so rewarding for me.”




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