Co-Creation in Education

Co-creation is an approach to learning wherein emergence and trust are tapped to collectively engage with the world.

At CCI we believe the skills, habits, and attitudes required for successful co-creation are the very same ones required for both individuals and humanity to survive and thrive into the future.

We ask, then, if co-creation is a process that facilitates meaningful engagement and creative exploration, how does this compare to the ways we approach education?

If Presence, Awareness, Courage, and an Eco-centered mindset (PACE) are the ingredients necessary to navigate uncertainty, tap into collective creativity and foster innovation, how well are we doing in education in creating experiences that allow for the development of these skills, habits, and attitudes?

We seek to explore these questions, and to support communities of practice in investigating, creating, and sharing experience in this space.

What might co-creative learning look like? iLead+Design is a community action studio where coaches work with youth to engage with real problems and real community partners. 

What are some of the challenges in transitioning education that co-creation can help with? In his groundbreaking book, The Global Achievement Gap, Tony Wagner outlines the skills education is not providing. Co-creation offers not only a methodology for transitioning education systems to be able to deliver on these skills, but also a means by which to achieve them. Check it out HERE


Building Capacities to Unlock Collective Potential