What we Do

The Co-Creation Initiative is an open source community of practice founded in rigorous scholarship. We do three things:

OneHold an online space for a  community of practice – people all over the world who want to learn and use co-creation in their organizations. We focus on three Arenas in which co-creation has significant impact: Business, Design, and Education. In each of these Arenas we post the latest and greatest, including examples of co-creation in practice, scholarship, and related useful content. The Arenas are also where we post contributions from the community, featuring your story and how others in the community can contact you to learn more.

Our goal is to foster ongoing learning, dialogue, and engagement so that we may all grow personally and professionally.

Two…Foster innovation by developing and testing advancements in forms of engagement and creative processes. We design and evaluate social and spatial technologies that facilitate co-creation. Two ongoing and intersecting lines of action research seek to:

    1. Study and develop guidelines for co-creative innovation through collaborative research partnerships with leading consultancies and thought leaders worldwide.
    2. Develop, deploy, and study environments that enhance the ways in which people share information, learn, and collaborate.
    3. Apply co-creation to 1) transform organizational cultures to be conscious and innovative , and 2) facilitate multistakeholder dialogues to address local and global challenges.

Three…Develop training programs for individuals and organizations. Our consulting services will teach the art of co-creation, leadership and team development, and environment design.


Building Capacities to Unlock Collective Potential