Year End Update

2015 was an amazing year for CCI. This year was a movement to applied research after a year of developing the co-creative framework. Looking back, we have accomplished so much in so little time. We had the…

Esquel Co-Creation workshop led by Apotheosis and Bridging Positions,

Apotheosis Global Council,

Brains on the Beach Create (BoB)

The UBS/ SD Ignite Innovation Co-Creation workshop,

The U:Lab course on organizational transformation by MIT and the Presencing Institute,

The Organizational Design Jam with BoB,

Weekly CCI Sessions, and

The GreenLeap design challenge with students from PolyU and the greenschool working side by side in Bali.

None of this would be possible without the help of all the amazing people that have contributed. Thank you to Benjamin, James, Jimbo, Glen, Alix, Irene, Alex, Toby, Britt, Marjike, Aaron, and everyone else who has come to the Sessions or events.

2016 is looking even more exciting!

In January we start with a charity project in Laos where CCI and the BoB team are collaborating to help local NGOs shift their mindset from one of compassion to abundance, helping them share resources for the collective good.

BoB and CCI are continuing to work closely together in March and April, co-creating solutions to local issues.

In April CCI is hosting a Purpose Quest on Lantau Island for leaders who need to look inward and connect purpose to vision.

In May CCI teams up with a new partner, Bridge Fellowship, to work on a charity project in Hong Kong.

In June we will be visiting Australia and to learn more about Design Led Innovation at Queensland University of Technology.

CCI Sessions will continue throughout the year, every Tuesday night. The time has shifted to 5:00-7:00pm, with a 30 minute mindfulness practice at the end (7:00-7:30). The meeting place is on the 13th floor go the Jockey Club Innovation Tower. As always, feel free to bring guests.

If you would like to participate in any of the upcoming events, please contact Bryan Rill at See you!

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